Hourly mentoring starts at $100/hour, with discounts offered for bulk packages. You may have noticed similar services cost 50% more elsewhere. In those services, the website operator/middleman takes half of your payment for their own profit, while only giving mentors what’s left. Viral Wall Street is mentor-owned and operated – the best of both worlds – you pay less and mentors make more. Accordingly, our mentors have better incentive to help you succeed. That’s how and why we go above and beyond to help you.

In addition to hourly mentoring, we offer full service consulting/job placement services for a flat fee. This is offered to selected applicants, while the hourly option is offered to all applicants. The selection process depends upon your educational background, work experience, and career aspirations. The application below will allow us to determine which Wall Street Professional is your best match, and if applicable, the terms of the flat-fee job placement service.

Whether you’re on an hourly or flat-fee plan, a seasoned Wall Street professional will be your Personal Consultant. Unlike other mentoring services, if your background, experience, and interviewing acumen are up to par, your Consultant may submit your resume to an opening as an employee referral. That’s just one tangible example of how we go above and beyond. In addition to consulting services, we’re here to make Wall Street more accessible by other avenues as well.

You can see from the Insights page, we offer insider perspectives from all facets of Finance and Investments. These functional areas are highlighted in the bullet points to the right as well (below in mobile version). If you want to combine that with recommendations from Wall Street’s best, check out our Resources page.


  • $90/hr BEFORE JAN 31
  • Flat fee job placement option
  • Consultants motivated to help you


  • Resume revisions
  • Cover letters
  • Job applications
  • Mock Interviews
  • Networking to find opportunities
  • Employee referral submissions


  • Portfolio Management
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Sales and Trading
  • Research
  • Investment Banking
  • Account Management

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